Five ways to boost your credit score

Five ways to boost your credit score
With the huge amount of information about credit scores out there, it can be difficult to figure out what 'tips' will actually help your credit. Here are five proven, relatively simple ways to raise your credit score.
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Get your credit score free, without gotchas
CreditSesame,,, and Credit Karma are just a few of the many websites that promise a free credit score. But be aware the score you get may not be the same score lenders use to determine your credit worthiness. In some cases, this …
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Landlords can boost renters' credit scores
WASHINGTON — It's the great credit divide in American housing: If you buy a home and pay your mortgage on time regularly, your credit score typically benefits. If you rent an apartment and pay the landlord on time every month, you get no boost to your …
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4 Easy Ways to Conquer Credit Card Debt

4 Easy Ways to Conquer Credit Card Debt
When we charge stuff, we're borrowing money at a very high price, usually 13%- to more than 20% percent, and buying something that immediately starts depreciating in value, like shoes, clothes, electronics or a vacation. If we can't pay the balance off …
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Tips on how to repair your credit score
Another tip, check your credit reports for mistakes. You're entitled to a free copy of your credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies every year. You can sign up on websites like Annual Credit Report. Aim to get a report once every …
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How gov't aims to protect low-income users of 'payday' loans
“Extending credit to people in a way that sets them up to fail and ensnares considerable numbers of them in extended debt traps is simply not responsible lending,” CFPB director Richard Cordray said in remarks prepared for a hearing March 26 in …
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