Why You Might Need a Secured Credit Card

Why You Might Need a Secured Credit Card
Since secured cards typically don't require you to have a previous credit history or a minimum credit score, approval is almost guaranteed. This is a big win for those who have poor credit or no score at all – two groups of consumers who may not be …
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Fact Vs. Fiction: Your Credit Score
A recent survey by credit bureau TransUnion found most of us just don't get how it works. "Paying off debts from late payments automatically increases your score." — FICTION. Late payments are bad for your credit scores — period. Paying off the debt …
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24 things you need to know to build credit

24 things you need to know to build credit
The FICO Score, created by the Fair Isaac Corporation, is the most-often used credit score by lenders to determine whether to lend you money. You have a slightly different FICO score for each of the three credit bureaus based on information in each …
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Do Genetics Influence Your Credit Score?
There is the standard list of factors that influence your credit score: payment history, outstanding balances, the types of credit that you use and so on. But what you probably don't realize is that your genes may also play an important role. Yes, your …
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