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FICO Announces New Credit Score Based on Alternative Data
Fair Isaac Corp., the creator of the most widely used consumer credit scores, announced Thursday a new score intended to make millions of people who have had difficulty getting approved for financing creditworthy. The Wall Street Journal reported the …
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How a 'Fair' Credit Score Can Cost You 0K
If anything is certain about credit scores it's that they change. How much they change can depend heavily on your decisions, and if you want to save money, there are steps you can take to attain and maintain a high credit score. How you manage your …
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Here's What Marriage Does and Doesn't Do to Your Credit Score
NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Your credit history doesn't erase when you get married, but it isn't exactly unaffected either. It doesn't matter if the person you're marrying has sterling credit and could get an issuer's black card just by asking for it or if …
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