Five Simple Ways to Boost a Credit Score

1. Check For Errors And Fix Them First
A 2013 Federal Trade Commission study found that one in four consumers had some errors in their credit reports. These errors can harm your credit score, so first get your credit reports from the credit agencies and verify them for any errors.

2. Pay All Your Bills On Time. Regular, on-time payments will boost to your credit ratings. Late payments negatively impact your credit score.

3. Don’t Apply For Several New Accounts On The Same Time. Whenever you apply for a new credit card, the lender will do a hard credit inquiry that can have a slight negative impact on your credit score. Applying for more accounts simultaneously have a cumulative negative impact. (This often applies to in-store cards).

4. Be Careful With Your Credit Limits. Avoid exceeding your credit limit. Likewise, avoid getting close to your limit. If possible keep your credit utilization in the 1%-20% range.

5. Don’t close unused credit cards. The length of time that you have had credit cards open improve your credit score.

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